Update and Reminders: June, 6 2018 1. Don't forget, it will be BYOB. 2. Pig roast costs have been found to be higher than previously estimated. The plan to cook a 200 lb pig would drain the renion budget. The food menu will be adjusted. 3. As of today...The location of the renuion has not been confirmed. Please check back for updates. 4. Cash payments can also be made the day of the reunion but we need to know if you are coming so food arrangements can be made. 5. If you would like to say hello, stop in and say hi. Please do not let the cost deter you from coming. See you soon
Please note that the $16.75 ticket fee will cover website collection fees. $15.01 will be the amount received by the reunion committee to cover the pig roast. Please read the flyer below for details about what the committee will supply.
The my event website is a third party that will collect and hold the money until the reunion committee request they send us a check. If you would like to send a check please click on the contact the event organizer link below for information.

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Reunion Pig Roast Meal$ 16.75
When:Saturday June 16, 2018 3:00
Where:Victory Heights Community Center
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Brian Kratzer
Sheila Kratzer
Jon Blaine
Kathy Clark (Blaine)
Angela Slye (Fenstermaker)
Todd Studmuffin (Klinko)
Deena McCullough
Will McCullough
Susie Herr
Brian McCrillis
Robert Rudinski
Marti Nuhfer (Tinker)
Tina Nick (Morrison)
Chris Smith
Marisa Hoover (Smith)
Jill Rhoades
Scott Rhoades
Tracy Lineman
Eric Garvin
Amy Daugherty (Ginkel)
Mike Ginkel
Nathan Mercer
Wes Gricks
Gregory Piercy
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